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Asbestos removal

Many Australian homes built or renovated between 1950 and 1980 were roofed, cladded, fenced or lined using Asbestos sheeting of some description. The problem is that if released into the air all asbestos particles are a health hazard. When Asbestos sheeting ages, deterioration increases, which increases the risk of asbestos particles being released into the surrounding environment. The biggest single danger with Asbestos products around the home is in experienced operators cutting, smashing, grinding or breaking the asbestos which then releases the fibres into the air.

Reva Commercial is fully licensed and trained to safely remove and dispose of asbestos sheeting, including the decontamination of the work site.

A common replacement for asbestos roof sheeting is either Hardi Cement fibre sheeting, various external Hardi Cladding plank and panel products or Colorbond® or Zincalume® steel roof sheeting.

Anyone handling Asbestos Containing materials (ACM) should have a Worksafe approved full body suit, the face mask should be at minimum a p2 mask, PVC or rubber gloves and suitable footware which will not catch or retain ACM and can be easily washed off within the ACM contaminated work zone.

Asbestos should be fully wrapped in Black Builders Film, with a thickness of 200 microns. Then soundly taped and secured so there is no chance of fibres escaping. There are very few locations in which to dispose of asbestos legally and safely and all care and deligence should be taken when working with Asbestos containing materials. Generally whenever possible the ACM is either wet or coated with a suitable PVA or acrylic product to seal and encapsulate the asbestos prior to any attempt at removal.

When using an approved ACM bin the bin is double lined prior to ACM disposal.

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