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Insulation is a cost effective way of improving a home’s overall energy efficiency and can result in dramatic reductions on your energy bills and the increases the comfort of your home.

During the installation of  your new roof, or replacing your old roof  is the most ideal time to upgrade your insulation. Anticon, or Builders Blanket is basically insulation glued to sisalation (alumium foil light weight cover generally under tiled roofs or as part of an external stud wall) Anticon will dramatically drop the ceiling cavity temperature and if you have cathedral or raked ceilings Anticon is an absolute must. Anticon can also work with your existing ceiling laid insulation to improve your R rating considerably. Anticon is also essential to prolong the life of your roof by reducing condensation gathering on the underside of your roof – which will increase corrosion and acts as a sound proofing during storms and winds.  If you are looking for any type of bagged or batt insulation it is also much cheaper to install it onto your ceiling while the roof is off.

REVA P/L can install any insulation product available. We are a supplier, not a manufacturer so we do not have a vested interest in what insulation you chose, but we will guide you in your decision if you need help in chosing your desired product. In general, like anything… you will very much get what you pay for. The cheaper it is, the lower the “R” rating (the insulation factor), plus the cheaper the product the less enviromentally friendly the product is likely to be.

There are many packaged products which allow for easy electical and plumbing work and if there is any reason to access the ceiling these products are the easiest to work with.

For those who value your families health and well being – we generally advise against all Glass or rock wool type products such as the one pictured…( for further information google the products in those products and what happens when they are breathed in) we encourage the use of cellulose or more organic based bagged, batt or blanket products. Careful consideration should be given also if considering the cheaper “blow in”  type products. While they are cheaper in the short term… you will pay the price later if your roof leaks, encounter storm damage etc… the “blow in” products tend to  absorbs all water like a sponge and will collapses your ceiling due to the wieght of the water sitting on your ceiling, plus blow in insulation makes it extremely difficult for all following tradesman to do any work in your roof while rummaging through the insulation fibers. (Heres a Tip if you have a water leak: As soon as you see it poke a hole through the cieling with a sharp implement – The major damage is caused to ceiling when the water sits on it for some time, if water can get out into a bucket…your ceiling will likely end up with very little damage and can be much easier repaired rather than having to replace it after it has collapsed from the weight of the water sitting in the cieling)


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