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Tip of the day

Coming into winter we cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining your roof.  It would be fair to say that most roof leaks are due to blocked gutters, valleys, downpipes, broken tiles or something relating to a lack of maintenance. Remaining issues tend to be design problems or faulty workmanship by others that we are asked to repair after owners have spent months / years trying to get their builder back to fix problems.

We strongly advise that you keep your gutters, downpipes and particularly valleys clean and if you have had recent work done to your roof and having difficulties in getting the tradesman to return to fix their mistakes, put everything in writing and contact consumer affairs or the building commision for further advice.

Reputable companies will do everthing possible to fix a warranty claim, but some will do everything they can to avoid it. In which case you will have little option but to register a complaint with the appropriate authorities and go through the correct legal channels.


Gutters, downpipe, valley cleaning tips…

We are not all in a position to be able to access our own roof for a variety of reasons, but if you are going to  – Please be careful!

NEVER walk on a wet, damp roof, or early in the morning while dew is  present. A wet roof is a deadly roof to walk on.

If your roof is over 28 degrees… dont even think about it unless you have full harnessing systems that you know how to use.

Worksafe advises that steep pitched roofs or high eaves over 3m should only be done with correct safety access gear – scaffold, harness, or EWP. If your roof is low enough it is usually an easy job to walk the gutter line and remove the leaves out by hand, you can buy scoops from your hardware store that will fit in the gutters neatly – Where gloves as the protruding tin or tiles can tear at your hands if you dont have a scoop .

To clear the downpipes the only effective way is to get your hose down into the downpipe and turn it on. Most of the time after a few minutes any blockages will sort them selves out. If you are having trouble you may need to disconnect the downpipe from the soakwell if possible. You may find your soakwell is blocked and needs clearing, of a bend in the downpipe may be holding leaves. Persevere with the hose because 99% of blockages will loosen with water and pressure.

If  you have overhanging trees once a year is simply not going to do the job. Your valleys will block up with the first strong wind… If you have decidious trees you will need to clean the valleys out at least monthly while they are dropping there leaves. Otherwise if you have overhanging trees, cut the overhang back so it does not come within 2 -3 metres of the gutter line, or be prepared to clean your valleys out at least 3 times a year.


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